USR-LG206-P supports LoRa USR IOT Point-to-Point network protocol and can realize communication between two serial interfaces using two USR-LG206-P modules. Supports RS232 and RS485 interface. It offers high level of EMC protection for RS485 interface. It offers long communication distance, low power consumption, anti-interference, high sensitivity and low cost. Good choice for your project demanding communication over long distance. Works in frequency band 803 up to 930 MHz.

Suitable for IoT devices such as sensors, actuators or meteorological stations. It can be used mainly in industry, agriculture, natural resources extraction, households, vehicles monitoring or other mobile applications.

Does not support LoRaWAN protocol.

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USR-LG206-P offers long communication distance, RS232/485 interface, anti-interference, high sensitivity and low cost. Good choice for your project demanding communication over long distance. LoRa USR IOT Point-to-Point protocol transmits/receives data by serial and it can lower the wireless application threshold. Works in frequency band 803 up to 930 MHz.

Does not supports LoRaWAN protocol.


- Working temperature range: -30 up to +85℃

- Supports RS232/485 interface with high level of EMC protection for RS485

- 3500 meters transmission distance


USR-LG206-P Introduction

USR-LG206-P is LoRa module which supports USR IOT Point-to-Point communication protocol. Module supports three work modes: AT command mode, transparent mode and fixed-point mode. Supports powerful anti-interference. LoRa module exists in two versions working in frequency bands: 398-525MHz, or 803-930MHz. Please contact us, if you need 398MHz-525MHz. Frequency band for Europe is 803-930MHz, maximum allowed transmitting power for EU is +14dBm. 

USR-LG206-P Feature

- Supports RS232 and RS485 interface

- Supports LoRa USR IOT Point-to-Point protocol

- Supports data encryption transmission

- Input voltage range: 5 - 36V DC, possibility to use adapter or screw terminal for power input

- Transmitting power can be set 10dBm to 20dBm, check frequency band and maximum legal transmitting power in your region

- Supports AT command mode

- Receiving sensitivity up to -138.5dBm @ 0.268Kbps

- Transmission distance: up to 3.5km in good condition

- Supports AT command mode

- Serial port baud rate: 1200-115200bps

- Transmitting current: 45mA @12V

- Receiving current: 16mA @3.3V

- Working current in standby mode: 12mA @123V

- Working temperature: -30 to +85℃

- Possibility to mount on DIN Rail with DIN Rail Clip

- Power adapter for electric socket included, possibility to power by DIN-Rail Power supply

- Product is designed for industrial applications with emphasis for durability, functionality and robustness

- Product has CE certification for EU market

- This product is RoHS compliant


Data sheet

Designed for industry use
Way of use
Standalone functional unit
Serial interface
LoRa USR IOT protocol
LoRa - USR IOT Point-to-Point


USR-LG206-P Manual

USR-LG206-P Manual

Download (486.86k)

USR-LG206-P Transparent Manual

USR-LG206-P Transparent Manual

Download (285.55k)

USR-LG206-P Point-to-point

USR-LG206-P Point-to-point

Download (303.55k)


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