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USR-LG206-P supports LoRa USR IOT Point-to-Point network protocol and can realize communication between two serial interfaces using two USR-LG206-P modules. Supports RS232 and RS485 interface. It offers high level of EMC protection for RS485 interface. It offers long communication distance, low power consumption, anti-interference, high sensitivity and low cost. Good choice for your project demanding communication over long distance. Works in frequency band 803 up to 930 MHz.

Suitable for IoT devices such as sensors, actuators or meteorological stations. It can be used mainly in industry, agriculture, natural resources extraction, households, vehicles monitoring or other mobile applications.

Does not support LoRaWAN protocol.



USR-TCP232-410s is a serial RS485 and RS232 to Ethernet converter, used for data transparent transmission. It is a dual serial server, which supports RS232 and RS485 working at the same time. Modbus Gateway function. 



USR-W610 is a cost-effective RS232/RS485 to WiFi/Ethernet converter. This product provides stable wireless data transmission in the industrial field where needs wireless connection.



USR-IO424T-EWR is network I/O controller which supports 4-channel input, 4-channel output, 2-channel analog input, single channel temperature input for Pt100 and Modbus RTU/TCP protocol. Plus supports Ethernet / Wi-Fi / RS485.



USR-TCP232-306 is a serial RS232, RS485 or RS422 to Ethernet converter, used for data transparent transmission. It is a low-cost serial device server, whose function is to realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232, RS485 or RS422 and Ethernet.