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Slovak Trade Inspection

Inspectorate STI for Bratislava district

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Buyer by confirmation of order accept these business terms and conditions for buying and shipping of goods from seller (the “Conditions”) and confirms that he or she is familiar with the Conditions and agrees to them. All contractual relationships are entered into pursuant to Slovak law and these „Conditions“. They are binding on both parties.


The seller declares that all personal data is confidential and will only be used to perform the contract with the buyer and for the marketing actions of the seller. None of the personal data provided will be otherwise disclosed, provided to a third party with only exception for purpose of the shipping or payment related to the ordered goods (notification of the name, account number and delivery address).

All personal data that is provided voluntarily to the Buyer in order to fulfill the order or the marketing actions of the Seller are collected, processed and archived in accordance with applicable laws of the Slovak republic, in particular with Act No. 122/2013 Body of laws, on the protection of personal data, in the valid and effective text, this is especially name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The Buyer gives the seller his / her consent to collect and process such personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the subject of the Purchase Agreement, the Seller's marketing purposes, until the Buyer expressly disagrees with the processing sent to the Internet shop operator.

The electronic form is also considered in this case to be e-mail at Buyer acknowledges that his / her data provided to the seller for marketing purposes is provided on a voluntary basis.

The buyer can easily unsubscribe via e-mail to with the request to not send a newsletter from the online store.

MCV Systems s.r.o., the Internet shop operator, declares that all personal data is considered to be strictly confidential and is treated in accordance with Act No. 122 / 2013 Body of laws.

MCV Systems s.r.o. reserves the right to use anonymized data about the activity of users of the website to improve their services.

For more informations about your personal data we collect and how we protecting it see section Protection of personal data


We offer you the option to buy from your home where you can shop nonstop. You can order easily and conveniently with a shopping cart, phone, or email.

The subject of the contract is only the goods listed in the purchase contract - the order. The dimensions, weight, performance, capacity, and other data on our site, catalogs, datasheets, and other printed materials are non-binding and based on the manufacturer's data. In case of discrepancies, we will of course contact you.

We undertake to deliver to our customers only the goods in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications or properties customary for the type of goods complying with the applicable standards, regulations and regulations valid in the territory of the Slovak republic.

The fulfillment of the validity of our electronic order is a prerequisite for filling in all required data and particulars in the order form. The order is also a proposal for a purchase contract, when the purchase contract itself arises from the delivery itself. A formal purchase order is required by the seller to conclude the purchase contract. In individual, especially costly cases, the seller reserves the right to create a contract by confirming the order best by telephone or in person and payment in advance to the buyer.

If, during the period when the goods were ordered, there was a significant change in the foreign currency exchange rate or the supplier's price change or supply, our company has the right to modify the order after the buyer's agreement or to withdraw from it unilaterally with immediate effect. We also reserve the same entitlement if the manufacturer stops delivering the ordered product or markets a new version of the product or significantly changes the price of the product.


The order is received within 24 hours, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail, you will also be informed by e-mail. In case of doubt, we will of course contact you.


You can cancel each order within 24 hours by phone or e-mail without giving any reason. Simply enter the name, email, and description of the ordered goods or service.


We will send the ordered goods to a courier who will deliver the ordered goods directly to your home. The price for postage and packing is always stated on the order. For more info about see the section Payment and delivery.


The delivery time for items on stock is usually 3-9 business days. If the goods are not in stock, we will contact you as soon as possible.


We offer four payment options for goods. Bank transfer in advance on behalf of proforma invoice sent electronically, cash on delivery, via Paypal or by bank card. For more informations about payment methods see section Payment and delivery.


If necessary, we will replace your unused and undamaged goods with a different kind. You can send the goods by registered mail (not for delivery) to our company address. The costs associated with the exchange are fully borne by the buyer.


Under Article 12 of Act 108/2000 Body of laws, the consumer can purchase the goods purchased in our internet shop without giving any reason within 14 working days of its receipt. The buyer has the right to unpack the goods and try them in a similar way as when buying in a classic stone shop. Trying, however, does not mean to use the goods and return it to the seller after a few days. The goods must be returned to MCV Systems s.r.o. Please send the goods in their original packaging, complete, unused and undamaged. To return money, you need to send us:

goods in original packaging, undamaged

original warranty card / if included /

original invoice

a copy of the receipt from the courier (due to the delivery date)

The shipping costs are refunded by the customer. We do not accept goods returned in the form of a CoD (cash on delivery). We recommend that you insure your goods. The price for the goods will be refunded to the customer immediately after checking the returned goods within 15 days of withdrawal from the contract by wire transfer.

In accordance with § 12 par. 5 of the above mentioned law, the customer can not withdraw from the contract, which is subject to:

the provision of a service if the service has begun to be performed with the prior consent of the customer prior to the expiration of the withdrawal period,

the sale of goods made according to the specific requirements of the customer or goods specifically intended for one customer or goods which can’t be returned due to their characteristics;


We will resolve any claims to your satisfaction by individual agreement with you and in accordance with applicable law. The buyer is obliged to examine the goods after taking it in order to find any defects and damage. The buyer is obliged to report any defects immediately to our company. We are not liable for damages caused by couriers.

All goods are subject to the statutory time limit of 24 months, unless otherwise stated. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.

The warranty does not apply to:

(a) defects caused by normal use

b) misuse of the product

c) by improper installation

(d) improper storage

Claim Procedure:

1) tell us about the complaint by phone or e-mail

2) send the goods as a package not CoD (Cash on Delivery) to our address

3) Include the reason for the complaint, your address

4) receipt of the goods bought in our shop

We will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, within 30 days of its creation, from takeover of the goods by our company. In the case of longer complaints, we will inform you as soon as possible of the state of the complaint.

Laws and Regulations:

- Act No. 108/2000 Coll. on consumer protection in the case of door-to-door sales and mail order sales

- Act No. 122/2013 Coll. on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts.


The consumer has the right to contact the seller for a remedy if he is not satisfied with the seller's handling of his claim or if he believes that the seller has breached his rights. If the seller answers or fails to respond at the consumer's request within 30 days of the date of dispatch, the consumer has the right to make a claim for an alternative dispute resolution (ARS).

ARS can only deal with disputes arising out of a contract between seller and consumer and disputes with this agreement, except for disputes under the law. § 1 par. 4 of Act no. 391/2015 Body of laws and disputes not exceeding amount 20EUR.

A proposal to initiate an ARS is submitted to an ARS subject to § 3 of the cited law, with the help of the specified platform or form, the model of which is annex no. 1 of the cited law. The ARS may require the consumer to charge the ARS, up to a maximum of EUR 5 with VAT. If there are multiple entities in the ARS, the consumer has the right to choose which one to make. In addition to the ARS, the consumer has the right to apply to the appropriate and local competent General or Arbitration Court.

The ARS platform is available at: