USR-C322 is a 2x UART - Wi-Fi module, which has the features of compact size and low power for demanding conditions of industry applications.

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USR-C322 is a 2x UART - Wi-Fi module, which has the features of compact size and low power for demanding conditions of industry applications.


- Adopt TI CC3200 solution

- Industrial level, NO data loss

- Low power for standby 3.5mA, deepsleep 25uA

- Working temperature range from -40 to 85°C


Introduction of TI CC3200 WiFi Modules

The TI CC3200 WiFi Modules, used for data transparent transmission. USR-C322 is a wifi module released by USR IOT, which has the features of minisize, low power and industry-grade. The hardware of USR-C322 wifi module integrates MAC, baseband chip, RF transceiver unit and power amplifier. USR-C322 wifi module is based on TI CC3200 chip, which has industrial ARM Cortex-M4 core and ultra-low power operation mechanism. And it supports Wi-Fi protocol and TCP/IP protocol. User can achieve the function of UART devices connecting to Internet with simple configuration.


Features of TI CC3200 WiFi Modules

- Support Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards

- Based on ARM Cortex-M4 kernel, running frequency of 80 MHZ

- Support WEP, WPA/WPA2 security mode

- Support AP/STA working mode

- Support Simplelink/usrlink networking configuration

- Support custom webpage function

- The fully integrated serial to wifi TCP/UDP transmission function,the rate of serial port up to 3M bps

- Support two uart and three socket communication

- Support PC1 16 bytes encryption when work in transparent transmission mode

- Support HTTPD Client function

- Support websocket function

- Support SSL Client function

- Support search in local area network (LAN) and wireless parameters setting function

- Support TCP/UDP Client registration packet mechanism

- Support class RFC2217 automatic baud rate adaptation function

- Supports 485 transmission control

- Support AT+ simple instruction set configuration

- Single 3.3 V power supply

- Ultra low power mode, support deep dormancy

- Onboard antenna and external antenna optional via I-PEX connector

- Minisize: 18.22mm*26.65mm*2.8mm SMT

- Product is designed for OEM applications and it is not standalone working unit.

- Product is designed for industrial applications with emphasis for durability, functionality and robustness

- Product has CE certification for EU market

- This product is RoHS compliant


Data sheet

Designed for industry use
Way of use
Built-in O.E.M.
Network interface



Virtual Serial Port emulator utility

Download (16.08M)

USR-C322 Datasheet

USR-C322 Datasheet

Download (101.86k)

USR-C322 Manual

USR-C322 Manual

Download (2.45M)

USR-C322 AT Commands

USR-C322 AT Commands Set

Download (1.04M)


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