USR-WIFI232-A2 is an embedded 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module.

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USR-WIFI232-A2 is an embedded 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module.


- Support DHCP and DNS

- Support Built-in Webpage

- Support Httpd Client and WEB IO function


Wifi Module Introduction

USR-WIFI232-A2 is an embedded 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module. It can connect traditional serial device and MCU controlled device with wifi network to realize control and management. The module has an ethernet port. It can realize mutual data transmission among Wi-Fi, serial and ethernet.


Wifi Module Feature

- Support 802.11b/g/n wireless standard

- Support TCP/IP/UDP network protocol

- Support UART/GPIO/Ethernet data interface

- Support work as STA/AP/AP+STA mode

- Support router and bridge mode

- Internal antenna

- Support transparent transmission mode

- Provide AT+ instruction set for configuration

- Provide friendly web configuration page

- Support heartbeat signal and wifi connection indication

- Support UART auto-frame function

- 3.3V power supply

- Max transmission distance: 200 meters (open horizon)

- Product is designed for OEM applications and it is not standalone working unit.

- Product has CE certification for EU market

- This product is RoHS compliant


Data sheet

Designed for industry use
Way of use
Built-in O.E.M.
Network interface
Ethernet + Wi-Fi


USR-WIFI232-A2, B2, D2, W6xx

USR-WIFI232-A2, B2, D2, W6xx Settings Utility

Download (2.72M)


Virtual Serial Port emulator utility

Download (16.08M)

USR-WIFI232-B2 Datasheet

USR-WIFI232-B2 Datasheet

Download (79.56k)

USR-WIFI232-B2 Manual

USR-WIFI232-B2 Manual

Download (2.33M)

USR-WIFI232-B2 HW Manual

USR-WIFI232-B2 HW Manual

Download (690.97k)

USR-WIFI232-A2 AT Commands

USR-WIFI232-A2 AT Commands Set

Download (626.72k)


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