USR-WIFI232-610-V2 is a Serial wi-fi Converter, which is used for project of RS232/RS485 serial equipment to wi-fi or Ethernet networking.

Only while stock last. Converter was replaced by newer model USR-W610.

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USR-WIFI232-610-V2 is a Serial WIFI Converter, which is used for project of RS232/RS485 serial equipment to WIFI or Ethernet networking.


- Have router function

- Support built-in webpage

- Support Websocket and  HTTPD Client

- Compatible with wi-fi 802.11b/g/n



- Hardware flow control (RTS/CTS) RS232 interface, male mouth(needle) consistent with computer pin definition

- 5 to 18V DC wide voltage input, can provide 2A current MP1482DS DC-DC power supply chip, keep system reliability.

- RS232/RS485 automatic switching

- RJ45 network connection, support wired Ethernet transmission

- Reload button, reset factory settings

- Rich status indicator light: Power Ready Link RXD TXD

- Support IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless standards

- Support TCP/IP/UDP network protocols

- Support RS232 / RS485 data interface

- Support work as STA/AP/AP+STA mode

- Support router/bridge Mode networking

- Support external antenna

- Support transparent transmission mode

- Support AT+ instruction set for configuration

- Support friendly web configuration page

- Support palmodic signal

- Single 5-18V power supply

- Small size: 84 x 84x25mm

- Product has CE certification for EU market

- This product is RoHS compliant

- Possibility to mount on DIN Rail with DIN Rail Clip


Data sheet

Communication interfaces
Communication interfaces
Communication interfaces
Communication interfaces
Designed for industry
Way of use
Separately functional unit



Virtual Serial Port emulator utility

Download (24.79M)

USR-WIFI232-610 Datasheet

USR-WIFI232-610 Datasheet

Download (90.75k)

USR-WIFI232-610 Manual

USR-WIFI232-610 Manual

Download (3.13M)

USR-WIFI232-610 Quick Manual

USR-WIFI232-610 Quick Start Manual

Download (1.85M)


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